Surprise birthday party

How to use

There will be surprise birthday party of 15 members.
We want to succeed absolutely because it is birthday of representatives of the company.
Do you have any good arrangement ? We wat to heat up the event with food and bowling, but have no idea .

Your president are really fortunate because All of you are thinking about him heartily.
Leave it to me , please. Let’s try together!
We suggest that you join the dinner party after bowling .
Let’s surprise the president by surprise Birthday party in the
middle of the dinner party.You can request Birthday cake and drinks to have in front of your lane.

Content of the day

Surprise birthday party

  • Time
  • Guests
  • Package Plan
  • 18:30 ~ 21:30
  • 15 people
  • Party Package


an organizer coming the last meeting with exclusive coordinators.  

Bowling start (2 games about 90 minutes)

Dinner party start (about 90 minutes)
Suddenly Dropped lighting, and sing Happy Birthday Song
Organizer will Hold the lighted Birthday cake and
Present it to the president
21:30 End of the Birthday party  


Organizer and the Coordinator do all preparations without telling it to president. When lights dropped down in the middle of the dinner party, president looked surprised. But chorus of Birthday song began, president realized that it was his birthday celebration. he looked enjoying it very much.

Impressions of customers

I was really glad of the coordinator who was in charge of me. I was worried if done well because it was a birthday party surprise, but prior arrangement, of course, to liven up the day also warmly, surprise birthday party a great success!I really appreciate the Tokyo port's bowl.




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